7-Eleven Las Musas


7-Eleven Las Musas

Location: Monterrey, N.L.

Category: Commercial

The 7-Eleven chain opened its doors to a new branch with 3 trees over 60 years old including one inside the store. The challenge was to allow the movement of the tree by the wind, enable its growth and at the same time prevent water or insects from entering the store, and avoiding the leakage of air conditioning. The project needed satrategies of energy and water savings, waste minimization, and natural lighting, promoting the positive impact and maintaining the needs of the project.

Services: Environmental Consulting, Envelope Study, Daylight Analysis, Energy Modeling, Commissioning, Development of strategies to keep the tree inside the store, NOM-008

Certifications :

LEED Silver® BD+C: New Construction


About 7-Eleven

About 7-Eleven

This project is the first convenience store in Latin America to receive LEEDTM (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.


Heat island effect reduction

Heat island effect reduction

It is the first convenience store in Latin America to accredit a LEED certification, which endorses it as a sustainable construction. The project and its site were analyzed and designed to reduce the heat island effect, when materials absorb heat and irradiate it at nighttime causing discomfort in urban areas. The roof has a 100+ SRI water proofing material to reflect heat and reduce the heat island effect.


Preserving existing vegetation

Preserving existing vegetation

The site was selected for its community connectivity and natural characteristics, having 3 existing mature trees onsite. The site was adapted to protect them, and condensation water provides 100% of the irrigation demand directly to the roots.



More than 40% of the outdoor area of ​​the store is shaded, reducing the temperature of the surroundings. The use of public transportation, two or more in a car, and bicycle transportation are promoted through informative plaques that raise awareness. The waterproofing of the roof reflects 95% of the sun's rays, helping to reduce the temperature inside and the use of the air conditioning system. Compared to the average for buildings, the efficient equipment at this branch reduces water consumption by 45%. The solar panels, insulating walls, efficient equipment and good design present in this branch help reduce energy consumption by 28% compared to the first 7-Eleven Mexico stores. The temperature and humidity of the space are monitored to ensure that customers and employees are comfortable. High-performance daylighting systems allow natural light to enter without heating the space, thus reducing energy consumption; In addition, the interior lamps have sensors that reduce the intensity of the light, when there is enough natural light. The materials used in this store were carefully selected, prioritizing regional materials and those with recycled content. The glasses are double and contain a layer specially designed to filter solar radiation and thus prevent excessive heat from entering. 99% of construction and demolition material waste was recycled.




energy cost reduction when compared to business as usual


reduction of potable water used for landscape irrigation


reduction on potable water usage


reduction of construction waste sent to landfill


of the total building materials were manufactured and extracted within 500 miles radius from the project site


of the total wood-based building materials were harvested from FSC certified forests


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