Carso II


Carso II

Location: Polanco, Mexico City

Category: Offices

Carso II es un proyecto de oficinas ubicado en la Ciudad de México, en la zona de Polanco. El edificio consiste en 17 niveles de 3,060 m² y cuenta con un diseño moderno y atractivo que ofrece espacios amplios y flexibles para oficinas.

Services: Environmental Consulting, Envelope Study, Energy Modeling, Commissioning

Certifications :

LEED® Gold BD+C: Core and Shell v2009


Grupo Carso

Grupo Carso

Grupo Carso is a Mexican conglomerate company founded in 1980. The company is one of the largest and most influential in Latin America and has a presence in a wide variety of sectors, including telecommunications, construction, energy, real estate, retail, among others. The company has been recognized for its strong focus on innovation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


Sustainable Offices

Sustainable Offices

The Carso II project focused on sustainability strategies from the initial stages, with a focus on the efficient use of energy and water. As a result, it was able to reduce energy consumption by 15% and water consumption by 42%, and manage the 100th percentile of runoff in rainfall events. In addition, strategies were implemented to reduce the heat island effect and promote accessibility and sustainable transportation, including preferential parking for efficient vehicles and proximity to bus stations.


Our Challenges

Our Challenges

As an office building located in a high-demand area, energy efficiency strategies were limited.


Searching for the best solution

The building has a cooling district that services this and other commercial buildings, including a shopping mall. Having a centralized system avoids the need for each building to have its own cooling unit, thereby reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, cooling districts allow for greater flexibility in thermal energy management and can be optimized to maximize energy efficiency.


Environmental Results


Reduction of energy consumption with respect to the ASHRAE base case


Reduction of water used with respect to similar buildings


Reduction in potable water consumption compared to similar buildings


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