Net Zero San Felipe


Net Zero San Felipe

Location: San Felipe, Baja California

Category: Residential

Net Zero San Felipe is a visionary residential project in Baja California that aims to create sustainable and affordable housing, while reducing its environmental impact and promoting a healthy community lifestyle. This project will not only benefit the residents, but will also serve as an inspiring example of how to address the challenges of housing and sustainability in the 21st century.

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Our Clients...

Armando Ramos is an architect based in Baja California who has worked on international projects ranging from residential to commercial and mixed-use.


Which strategies to implement?

The site was analyzed to determine the best strategies to implement taking into consideration the climate characteristics. Comfort studies were used to determine the best R-value for the walls and roofs of the houses, as well as the VLT and SHGC values of the glazing to achieve the greatest number of hours of indoor comfort. The implementation of eaves on the facades with windows was recommended to reduce radiation and maximize natural lighting.


Our Challenges

The project consisted of the study of two different typographies. After analyzing one of them, it was determined which one gave better results.



We worked hand in hand with the client to redesign the typology and maximize the benefits of the strategies applied.


Environmental Results


Percentage of hours in comfort per year


Reducción en el porcentaje de radiación solar en fachadas


Average annual temperature per space


Percentage of spaces with adequate levels of natural illumination


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