OTHLI Institute


OTHLI Institute

Location: Saltillo, Coahuila

Category: Offices

OTHLI Institute is a revolutionary educational institution that has embraced an innovative and completely disruptive approach to learning and environmental awareness. This institute has become a benchmark in caring for the environment and promoting sustainability through education. One of the most outstanding features of the building is its design oriented towards the promotion of bioclimatic and efficient architecture. Every aspect of its structure has been carefully designed to maximize the use of natural resources, minimize environmental impact and provide an environment conducive to learning and collaboration.

Services: Environmental Consulting, Energy Modeling, Commissioning

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OTHLI Institute

OTHLI Institute

The OTHLI Institute also stands out for its pedagogical focus on environmental care and awareness. Students not only learn in traditional classrooms, but also have outdoor spaces where they are taught the importance of nature and its conservation. The institute promotes environmental awareness from the earliest stages of children's lives.


Materials utilization

Materials utilization

The choice of specific materials and features in the design of the OTHLI Institute building was fundamental to achieve a high level of thermal comfort, maximize the entry of natural light and, at the same time, drastically reduce energy consumption. This has had a significant impact on reducing the use of air conditioning and heating systems, resulting in a 43% reduction compared to a traditional building. OTHLI Institute's sanitary furniture is an exceptional example of efficiency and innovation in water conservation. These units achieve a reduction of more than 15 million liters of water per year compared to conventional equipment available on the market. The institute's semi-Olympic swimming pool is also an outstanding example of its commitment to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. The installation of solar thermal panels in the pool area allows solar energy to be used as a heating source, drastically reducing dependence on gas for water heating.




Air conditioning savings


Millions of liters of water per year


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