Palmas 781


Palmas 781

Location: Mexico City

Category: Commercial

Palmas 781 is a 26,249 m² office building located in Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City. From the beginning, as part of Grupo Carso's commitments, this project included sustainability objectives focused on the efficient use of energy, water and raw materials, as well as maintaining the quality of the spaces through air quality. Through an integrated process and with the participation of all those involved, the implementation of sustainable strategies was achieved. This building was erected on a previously impacted site, seeking to improve the previous site with a project that was designed holistically considering the necessary sustainability strategies in the area and based on LEED® certification to increase the positive impacts.

Certifications :

LEED® Gold BD+C: Core and Shell v2009


Grupo Carso

Grupo Carso is a Mexican conglomerate company founded in 1980. The company is one of the largest and most influential in Latin America and has a presence in a wide variety of sectors, including telecommunications, construction, energy, real estate, retail, among others. The company has been recognized for its strong focus on innovation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


Sustainability from the beginning

The project showed a commitment to sustainability from the initial stages and promoted mainly environmental impact strategies focused on the efficient use of energy, water and materials. The project achieved energy savings through efficient systems, operation and maintenance. Likewise, water efficiency was improved through low water consumption installations and landscaping. 100% of the building's gray and black water is treated on site, and the treated water is reused to irrigate green areas and flush toilets and urinals in the building. Soak pits and rainwater pipes were also implemented to manage runoff for a 100% rainfall event. Regarding the use of materials, 32% of the construction materials come from the project's region and 13% of the materials have recycled content, minimizing environmental contamination.


The challenges to be faced

As an office building for lease, the owner's scope of the project has certain limitations.


The strategies to be followed

Two main strategies were established. The first one includes leaving the preparations of the minimum necessary services for the tenants; providing air conditioning supply not only with chilled water distribution but also up to the evaporator equipment and bathroom modules were included on each floor with low consumption and reuse of treated water, thus controlling the consumption of the equipment. The second is to extend the commitment to sustainability to its tenants through a contract establishing minimum criteria for energy and water efficiency and indoor environmental conditions, which tenants must comply with when making modifications to the interior of the building.


Environmental Results


Reduction of energy consumption with respect to the ASHRAE base case


Reduced potable water consumption for landscaping through on-site wastewater treatment


Reduction of potable water consumption


Regional materials selected to promote the local economy and reduce emissions associated with transportation


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