San Pedro Garza García


San Pedro Garza García

Location: San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León

Category: Residential

San Pedro Garza García (SPGG) is a municipality that has been and continues to be an exemplary model in terms of the quality of life it offers its residents. It is located in the state of Nuevo Leon and is part of the Monterrey metropolitan area, covering an area of 7,093 hectares with a population of 132,169 inhabitants. In December 2022, this municipality stood out as a leader in transformation and innovation in terms of urban sustainability by obtaining LEED® for Cities certification, reaching the Gold level with a score of 68 points. This achievement made San Pedro Garza García the first city in Mexico and in all of Latin America to receive this recognition. LEED for Cities certification not only serves as a tool to identify areas for improvement and prioritize investment in future plans, but has also been a strategy to raise sustainability standards and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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Certifications :

LEED v4.1 for Cities: Existing




The municipality of San Pedro Garza García decided to seek LEED for Cities certification because this tool, as well as the objectives established in the Municipal Development Plan 2021-2024, aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By adopting it, the SPGG reaffirms its commitment to the environment and the quality of life of citizens, as well as its adherence to the global agenda. This certification provides a framework for measuring and obtaining indicators on the city's performance, promoting continuous improvement. In doing so, it reinforces the strategies implemented so far and poses new challenges for the future.


Social Impact

Social Impact

The relevance that SPGG gives to urban environments and natural areas is one of its most outstanding characteristics. All residences in SPGG have the proximity of a park within 800 meters, which represents 26.25 m² of green areas per individual. This provides the community with opportunities to enjoy recreational activities, while improving the safety and quality of life for residents.


Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

The city's first challenge was to create an emissions registry in collaboration with a university in the Nuevo León Metropolitan Area. This registry will be updated annually. In addition, indicators such as the amount of waste generated and diverted from landfills, the distance traveled per vehicle, the percentage of renewable energy, and the percentage of homes with access to green areas were taken into account. Aspects related to water, energy, waste, quality of life, safety, air quality and transportation were entered into the ARC Skoru platform.


Health and Wellness

Green areas in SPGG have multiple benefits, such as improving quality of life and air quality. It was reported that there are 26.25 m² of green areas per inhabitant, and 100% of homes have access to green spaces within 800 meters walking distance. Free classes are offered to citizens, with the objective of promoting their active participation. These classes cover a variety of activities, from sports that require physical skills and teamwork, to mindfulness sessions that encourage concentration and presence. Measures such as the restoration of public parks, the preservation of natural resources, urban regulations that encourage diversity in the city, the safeguarding of our architectural and urban heritage, and the implementation of a collection system and recycling centers have begun a process toward a more sustainable city.


104 m²

of green areas per person, exceeding the level recommended by the UN.

2,084 ha

are dedicated to the protection and conservation of natural resources.


collection centers for various recyclable materials


recreational activities provided to citizens in the municipality's parks


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