Torre Caliza


Torre Caliza

Location: Santa Catarina, N.L.

Category: Residential

Caliza is a development with apartment and retail typology. It is part of Distrito Domo, a project that offers residential, recreational, commercial and service spaces designed to meet the needs of a contemporary, avant-garde and sustainable lifestyle. It has 2 and 3-bedroom apartments ranging from 60 sq. m. to 95 sq. m. and ground floor commercial spaces ranging from 35 sq. m. to 190 sq. m. The project sought to save energy, water and materials, thus EDGE certification was sought.

Services: Environmental Consulting

Certifications :

EDGE Certification


Desarrollos Delta

Desarrollos Delta

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A high impact project

A high impact project

Torre Caliza sought EDGE certification to become a sustainable building that promotes energy efficiency, responsible use of water and materials in building projects. These studies and process helped to reduce its environmental impact and obtain long-term economic benefits while demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.


Three key areas: energy, water and materials

Three key areas: energy, water and materials

To obtain this certification, a project must demonstrate significant improvements of at least 20% in the consumption of energy, water and embodied energy in the materials used compared to a conventional reference building.


Not only did we get what we expected, we got something better

Long-term operating costs were significantly reduced by reducing energy and water consumption. In addition, EDGE certification added value and differentiation to the project by demonstrating commitment to sustainability and efficient use of resources.


Environmental Results


Energy savings


Water savings


Less embodied energy in materials


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